Ruth and Emma at our Plantiful stall selling vegan cakes and biscuits.

With two kids and a husband (who counts as a third child in the kitchen) I don’t have much time for fancy shmancy cooking in the week. In fact, before I went vegan I detested cooking. Who knew, just four years later, I’d start my own plant-based food business and blogging about it?

So, you fancy eating more veg and cutting down on the processed stuff? You’re in the right place.

I recommend recipes with simple tasty ingredients, not much faffing about and, hopefully, something you can feed to the chiddlers while you’re at it.

Though not everyone in the family may be a fan of veg you can up your quota, maybe hide something on the less enthusiastic plates and everyone’s happy.

There’s a million plant-based recipes out there but which ones work? Which ones actually taste nice and don’t take three days to make? I’ve tried and tested them for you. Step this way…




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