Vegan Banana Bread (No Nuts)

It’s taken quite a few recipes to find a good vegan banana bread that rises properly, isn’t fudgy and has a lovely texture plus doesn’t have nuts! I nearly succeeded with this lovely recipe from @frommybowl.

I swapped her recommendation for nut butter with Vitalite as I wanted a banana bread the children could take to school in a lunch box. No nuts allowed. I was pleased with the result although I had to keep putting it back in the oven to get it cooked all the way through.

Baking notes:

  • Oven 350F is about 180 degrees Celcius. My oven tends to need longer so I set at 185 degrees and still had to put it back in three times. My bread took 90 minutes before a toothpick came out clean. The banana decoration suffered a bit for this. I should have used the tin foil much earlier!

  • I made it nut free by swapping the nut butter for Vitalite (vegan spread)

  • I used two big bowls for mixing like the recipe suggests but I think I could’ve saved time by mixing the wet ingredients in a food processor. You would then add wet ingredients to the dry bowl and mix

  • This recipe is also oil free

  • Try it toasted with peanut butter

Recipe by @frommybowl

This is an example of another banana bread I made recently (different recipe) which ended up all fudgy. There was half a cup of maple syrup in it too! Wasn’t cheap and didn’t taste great. Too heavy.