Filled Pasta Shells

This recipe is superb. It’s a real showstopper with giant filled pasta shells and three beautifully flavoured sauces.

The sauces:

  1. Green split peas (I found some in Inside Out Health in Reigate for £1.63 for a small bag or you can get them online at Hodmedod’s) in vegetable broth.

  2. Vegan pesto. This, for me, was mindblowingly good.

  3. Marinara - a basic, but tangy, tomato sauce

The original recipe is by The Cook & Him (links to recipe)

Cooking Notes:

  1. I’ve wanted to make this dish for a while but couldn’t find any large conchiglie anywhere but Tesco. So I made a special trip to Gatwick. (They don’t have them on Ocado, M&S or in Morrisons.)

  2. I made this dish twice. The first time I only had yellow split peas. It was good but I preferred the flavour of the green split peas; they are worth getting hold of.

  3. Both times I made the split pea sauce in the pressure cooker for speed. (I cooked on high pressure for 10 minutes.) However, the whole recipe did take me a long time to make. It’s not one for when you’re in a rush. I would say it took about 2 hours to make - I am not a fast/accomplished cook and have to work my way through recipes line by line. The result from the pressure cooker is much smoother than the picture by hob method. The peas were mushed up but it still tasted really good.

  4. Think about batch cooking the sauces. Boy, that would’ve been a good idea I’d had before I made them…

  5. Other uses for the sauces: split pea makes a decent alternative to guacamole in a Mexican tortilla; pesto is always good with other pasta; and marinara sauce can be used for pretty much any pasta dish you can think of.

  6. Whenever I can I reduce or eliminate the oil I use in food. I left out the oil from the split pea and marinara sauces and sauteed in water.

  7. I reduced the amount of oil in the pesto and replaced the liquid with a little water instead. (I used half of what the recipe said.)

  8. You could short cut the recipe and use a jar of good quality tomato pasta sauce and a vegan pesto. Just make the split pea sauce.

Tesco have their own brand of conchiglie and I found the others in Sainsbury’s

Recipe by The Cook & Him