Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets for Plant Based Mastery

Deciding to eat more vegetables and less processed food is fantastic. Up to a point… the catch being, more time spent prepping and cooking. But, there’s an answer to everything, buy gadgets to make light work of it. Turn the drudgery into fast skillz.

Soup Maker

Before I got this I was a bit scared (read too lazy...) to make soup. With this fella it's really really easy. You don't even need to chop the veg up that much as it blends it smooth for you.

I got this when it was on offer at Lakeland. From memory I paid about £50. It was money well spent as I've used it so many times. Much cheaper to make your own and you can also make soup at the end of the week with leftover bits from the fridge. At the moment it’s a lot cheaper on Amazon than at Lakeland.

Amazon £59.97


Mini Food Processor

What do I use this for? Well, I'm no fancy chef and chopping veg takes me quite a while using a knife. If I use this it's mega quick. It makes light work when you need to fine dice stuff, especially onions. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of a mini chopper!

This is my second one (I dropped the first one twice, bowl chipped first time then the lid cracked. But that was after quite a few years). After I ordered it I realised you can buy just a new bowl and a lid for a bit cheaper than a whole replacement. Eugh, lesson learnt!

Amazon £17.45


Air Fryer

You might ask what a woman with three ovens wants with another one...

Well, it was a bit of an indulgence. I'm glad I've got it but I wouldn't say it's totally necessary. I bought it because I wanted to make home-cooked chips without the oil. One of its selling points is that you can fry without oil. However, if you do the chips come out more baked (pretty much the same as if you’d put them in the normal over). I’ve had some success with it though and will keep on trying different stuff in it.

Another pro in its favour is it doesn't take any time to heat up at all - it's instant. This is very handy when you need to cook the kids a really quick tea. You can put anything in it that you'd normally fry or oven bake. It comes with a divider so you can put fish fingers in one side and chips in the other.

Amazon £99.99


Food Processor

This is in and out of the cupboard a lot. I use the grating attachment a fair bit; great for salads. The blender is fab. You know what a food processor does - you just need to get using one!

Amazon £54.89

Ocado £56.24


American Cup Measures

I’ve gone low tech with this one but you’ll understand why when I say the Americans are at the forefront of plant based cooking. That means many many recipes are in American measurements. You need a set of measuring cups. Plus it’s pretty damn easy to measure this way rather than fiddling about with a set of scales.

Amazon £8.47 (not the Nigella ones in the picture, they’re going for £400!!)


No. 6, but who’s counting?

Jamie Oliver Tefal Deep Frying Pan with Lid

I know this might be a ‘yeah whatever, it’s a frying pan!’ #eyeroll but it’s great. I use this EVERY day. It’s been fantastic. You can see it’s well used. I use it from everything from curry to spaghetti cooking. It’s actually a sautepan (rather than a frying pan) and it’s quite deep. I think that’s why it’s so useful - a cross between a saucepan and a frying pan.

Ebay £31.95