Treacle Toffee

Bonfire Toffee! This reminds me of cold Manchester Guy Fawkes nights and back garden fireworks. It was easier than I thought but you do need a sugar thermometer. This recipe came from BBC Good Food


  • heavy based saucepan

  • sugar thermometer

  • scales

  • measuring jug

  • rolling pin/toffee hammer

  • baking parchment

  • A4 sized pan (30x20cm)


  • oil for greasing (I used coconut oil)

  • 450g dark brown sugar

  • 125ml hot water

  • 1/4 tsp cream of tartar

  • 115g black treacle

  • 115g golden syrup


  • Line base and sides of an A4 sized tin with non-stick parchment and then grease it really well

  • Put the sugar and water in the saucepan. Heat gently until the sugar dissolves. DON’T stir it, tilt the pan

  • Grease the inside of the jug. Put the jug on the scales and then weigh the rest of the ingredients into it. Pour it into the dissolved sugar/water. Put the thermometer in and give it a quick swirl - DON’T mix too much

  • Bring to the boil until it gets to ‘soft crack’ (140 degrees). As SOON as it gets to the temperature tip into the tin.

  • Leave to cool and break up with the hammer/rolling pin.


  • I bought a Kitchen Craft thermometer (about £9) and the Delia Silverwood 30x20cm pan (from memory this was about £20). They were both really good and will last forever

  • I used some silicone parchment Art of Living Cook Shop recommended to me - Easybake non-stick siliconised baking parchment

  • When bringing the sugar mix up to boiling I did it too slowly and it took forever. I got bored and whacked the heat up at the end to get it to go up the last 20 degrees. I burnt the bottom of the pan but it didn’t burn the toffee. This stage took over an hour to get to the temperature! I think it should’ve been more like 30 minutes.