#SplitTheDifference - How to Guide


If you're following #splitthedifference with me here are some more detailed instructions about the exercises which will help you get better at the pancake splits.

Try and spend 5 minutes a day doing the exercises.

Exercise 1: Straight Leg

  • Get a belt (you can use anything that's not too springy, even a dressing gown belt)
  • Lie down on your back with the belt round one foot
  • The other leg should be straight and the toes flexed towards the face so your bottom leg is nice and strong
  • Pull your leg up as high as it will go BUT KEEP YOUR LEG STRAIGHT (if it's bent it will not work your hamstring properly)
  • Keep it pulled in and take 8 deep breaths
  • Then pulse the leg towards you - a mini pulse about 8 times
  • Try and pull your leg a bit closer and hold
  • Do the other leg

Exercise 2: Goddess

  • Stand with wide legs and toes pointing out
  • Lower your bum down and place your hands on your thighs. Try to keep your back upright
  • Pulse up and down, quick movements. Do about 20
  • Then, stretch the groin more by bringing one shoulder towards the centre and push back with the hands. Swap sides

Exercise 3: Inner Leg Stretch

  • Start in the same stance as Goddess - wide legs with toes pointing out
  • Bend one knee and come down as low as you can, keep the hands down if you need to
  • You might start with the bent leg heel off the floor and the toes of the long leg down. This is ok. As you get better at this try and keep the bent leg foot flat on the floor and turn onto the heel of the straight leg - keep the outstretched leg STRAIGHT. This comes with practise, don't give up!

An alternative to this one is: Legs up the Wall

  • Shuffle yourself sideways up to the wall then start to bring the legs up. This way your bum is as close to the wall as you can get
  • Open the legs as wide as you can and hold
  • Then pulse the toes towards the wall
  • Try and stay for 1-2 minutes

Nave a go at the splits

  • Sit with wide legs. (To start you might try sitting on a block/big book to lift the hips higher)
  • Bring the fingertips in front
  • Try some cat/cow tilts here. You won't be able to move far but you can start trying to arch and round the back to loosen up
  • Try leaning forwards as far as you can and hold. Keep breathing
  • A little bounce forward and back or side to side can help get you moving
  • Then hold again and breathe
  • Ideally you should be coming forward with a flat/long back or even slightly arched. Try not to round but you might do this to begin with
  • Aim to get your elbows on the floor and you've done it!

Remember to post updates on Instagram/Facebook so I can see how you're getting on.