yoga in reigate



Hi, I'm Ruth and I teach vinyasa flow yoga together with strength-building exercises with weights in Reigate.

At 40 I had two small children and felt permanently tired and unfit. I went to my friend's yoga class and fell asleep at the end I found it such hard work! But, I was hooked. Three years ago I started teaching to share how great yoga can make you feel. 

At 46 I've never been fitter, stronger, more flexible, injury-free or calmer. Most women I know could do with some of that.

Yoga can enhance your life immeasurably:

Less aches and pains. Improving your flexibility not only loosens the joints and takes the strain off the back but can really improve your everyday life - reducing or eliminating pain in a lot of cases.

De-stress and sleep better. Yoga is all about the breath. Controlling the breath calms the nervous system and lets the body and mind relax.

Complement your other sport passion. Do you stretch properly before and after your run or cycle? A regular yoga practise builds this into your schedule - give those tights hamstrings some TLC! Improve your performance, prevent injuries or even rehabilitate from a pre-existing one.

Build lean muscle. Muscle mass starts to drop in middle age, counteract it with strength building yoga poses for building lean muscle and bone density. A strong body to go with that strong mind.